sabrina spellman cosplay
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Sewing

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay: Gold Feather Corset

sabrina spellman cosplay

How to make Sabrina Spellman’s Feather Corset

Materials: Approx. 350 gold feathers, corset, glue gun

Working Time: 6 hours

Total Cost: 55 Euros

One of Sabrina’s most stunning outfits on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is her golden coronation outfit. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and even though I dreamed of making it straight away, I didn’t immediately start working on it. Mainly because I didn’t have a clue on how to attempt it. The answer came to me when I saw how Sajalyn had created her Sabrina Morningstar cosplay.

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of my process of making the skirt, so this blog post is going to focus on the tricky part – making the feather top. The skirt itself was pretty simple and I used a previously owned pattern to create it. I’m not entirely happy with the fabric I chose for it as the gold hue is different from what the feathers ended up being, so I might make another version at some point and document the process for you. But for now, let’s get to the top:

As I’ve said, I didn’t even know how to begin making the top until I saw that Sajalyn had used a corset as a base. I went on one of my favourite apps (Wish) and purchased a beige/gold corset that was easy enough to ruin and cut apart. I also purchased 150 gold feathers there which turned out not to be nearly enough. I ended up needing approximately 350 to cover the entire corset.

The original corset
Removing frills, ruffles, and bow
Glued the hooks together and cut out the front

The corset I chose had ruffles and, naturally, covered my entire chest, so I started by removing the ruffles and bows and whatever was attached to it. I also glued the hooks on the front together using my glue gun. Even though lacing it in the back is more difficult than using the hooks, I knew that they would soon be covered by feathers and I couldn’t risk it popping open as it would be very difficult to close again due to the feathers. Also, the corset I chose was a little big for me, so moving around in it made the hooks more likely to pop open.

Once the glue had dried, I took my scissors and ruined the corset completely by cutting out the front in a way that resembled Sabrina’s gold outfit on the show. Hers is quite daring and, again, since my corset fit loosely, I decided to keep it a bit more modest.

I started on the top of one side and worked my way down
Covering the corset bit by bit
Be careful with the hot glue gun

Then came the long and painful process of glueing the feathers on the corset. There’s not much I can say about it except that I burned my fingers multiple times and I paid close attention to the way the feathers are aligned in the original Sabrina costume. It really was a long and tedious process and it took a long time for me to see actual results. There’s really no way to speed this up if you want to cover the corset underneath, but I honestly think the hard work is absolutely worth it. Just be sure to leave some room in the back so you can still lace up the corset.

sabrina spellman cosplay

Finishing the Sabrina Morningstar Coset

I am incredibly proud of the result of my Sabrina Morningstar cosplay even though it feels like wearing a bit of armour. The feathers and glue made the corset very stiff and sturdy, so I regret not going for a smaller-sized corset a little, but since I’m not planning on wearing it at a convention, it’s fine. If you do want to wear it in the outside world, choose a tight-fitting corset or use fashion tape to glue it to your body. Also, plan ahead and buy more feathers than you think you’ll need because I had very long gaps in between making this cosplay because I needed to wait for more feathers to arrive.

I also made Sabrina’s Red Dress.

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