star wars rey cosplay

The Star Wars universe has been around since before I was born and I go to know the movies through my mum, who is a huge fan and who I’ve seen the most recent movies with at the cinema, but my love for Star Wars really started in 2009 when I decided to give them a proper chance. Almost immediately I felt the urge to find a suitable cosplay for me from that universe, but it wasn’t until 2020 that it finally happened. In the meantime, I had consumed all of the movies, multiple books and comics. I’m also quite enjoying The Fallen Order.

I debated for a very long time which character I should cosplay and even though Ahsoka was first on that list, I have a make-up aversion, so the idea of doing a full-face or even full-body Ahsoka make-up seems really off-putting to me. That lack of make-up was one of the reasons I eventually settled for Rey. Unless I can get away with photoshopping the Ahsoka make-up on me, that probably won’t happen. However, for the time being, I’m perfectly happy with cosplaying Rey.

Cosplaying Rey from Star Wars

You will find so many blog posts and websites already dedicated to making a Rey costume happen (most of which are more professionally made and screen accurate than my own) and there is also the possibility of buying complete outfits at a decent price on Etsy, so I will put my Rey progress mainly for the sake of having my complete collection on here. Once again, I improvised a lot and I tried to make it as simple as possible while staying true to what Rey’s character wears on screen, so maybe my sewing progress can help you after all.

>> How to make Rey’s Brown Tunic <<

star wars rey cosplay
star wars rey cosplay

Making Rey’s Staff

While making Rey’s staff at home, I browsed a lot of tutorials and YouTube videos and I imploded a little every time someone said they built theirs from things they already had at home. Guess what I had a home that I ended up using? Cardboard and a large screw. That’s it. Everything else I had to go out and buy, so I will share with you my progress in making Rey’s staff.

>> How to make Rey’s Staff <<

Making Rey’s Last Jedi Cosplay

When I picked a Rey outfit to recreate, I almost immediately settled upon her two Last Jedi outfits because I personally find them the most interesting. Whereas she’s dressed in beige and white in The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker, her Last Jedi outfits stand out a little because they use grey and brown tones which symbolise the conflict in her and the fact that she hadn’t picked a side just yet. In fact, this is exactly why The Last Jedi is my favourite among the latest three movies since both Rey and Kylo/Ben are experiencing this kind of conflict and it’s uncertain which side they are going to choose. So let’s have a look at how to recreate Rey’s The Last Jedi looks.

>> How to make Rey’s Last Jedi Look <<

star wars rey cosplay