sabrina spellman cosplay

I love a good Netflix show to binge-watch, so when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina first aired, I was intrigued by the eerie, witchy look of it. I enjoyed the first season a lot and eagerly awaited the next one which I truly loved. Let’s not talk about anything that happens after S2 because I’m still pretending that it never happened, but when it comes to Season and 2, I am a fan.

While my Instagram account was mainly dominated by Doctor Who until that point, I was eager to broaden my cosplay horizons and Sabrina seemed the perfect fit. Some of her outfits are very easily recognised, so I set out to find some that I could add to my cosplay collection.

Sabrina Spellman Cosplay

Cosplaying Sabrina is a lot of fun because of all the creative possibilities it offers when taking cosplay photos. I love adding fog, a broom, a witch hat and several other props to my cosplay sessions because so many things go so well with Sabrina and dressing up as the teenage witch is fun even for someone over 30 🙂 While she doesn’t actually wear her red lace-collar dress a lot, it’s still an easily recognised Sabrina Spellman cosplay and one that is quite easy to make even for a beginner.

>> How to make Sabrina’s Red Dress <<

sabrina spellman cosplay
sabrina spellman cosplay

Cosplaying Sabrina Morningstar

At the end of S2, Sabrina is seen in a marvellous gold feather corset as she walks to her coronation as Queen of Hell and I have to admit that I immediately fell in love with the look. It took me a while to figure it out, but I recreated her corset as Sabrina Morningstar cosplay and it turned out to be a lot simpler than I had previously imagined. Let’s have a look at how you can create your own Sabrina Spellman / Morningstar Coronation Cosplay.

>> How to make Sabrina’s Feather Corset <<