my alina starkov sun summoner cosplay

Grishaverse Cosplay

Admittedly, the books had been on my Kindle for years and I had been meaning to read them for just as long. However, it was the Netflix series that finally convinced me to pick them up. I was intrigued by the story during the first book, but I didn’t really fall in love with Alina Starkov until the second book (although Nikolai is my uncontested favourite).

When I decided to cosplay Alina, I knew I wanted her Sankta Alina / Sol Koroleva look and I found the Netflix version of the Kefta a little too plain to rock white hair and a sunburst halo crown along with it, so I decided to make my very own version of it.

>> How to make Alina Starkov’s Kefta <<

The Last Unicorn Cosplay

The Last Unicorn is my favourite childhood movie and since I started sewing, Lady Amalthea’s dress has been at the back of my mind. Back in 2019, I finally picked up the book and once again fell in love with the beautifully melancholic fairytale. I wrote down “Lady Amalthea” on my cosplay list for the future and decided I would get around to it eventually.

Two years later, the plan finally became reality and I decided to make my childhood movie come to life. If you’re interested in how the dress was made, read on.

>> How to make Lady Amalthea’s Dress <<

last unicorn lady amalthea cosplay