my hogwarts student uniform cosplay

For my age, I came to the Harry Potter fandom rather late. While my peers grew up reading the books, I wasn’t actually interested in them until the year of my graduation (because I would have almost anything to distract me from studying). I could write a book about how the author has since disappointed me and point out everything that is wrong with the book, but you’re probably here for sewing advice and not a lecture on trans rights – so let’s get to the point. I really can’t condone buying the massively overprized Harry Potter merchandise because all you’re doing is making J.K.R. even richer than she already is. And making a Harry Potter cosplay or costume yourself is not only fun, but a great way to still enjoy the HP universe without putting money into the author’s pocket. For now, this blog will focus on a Bellatrix Lestrange dress as seen in The Order of the Phoenix and a Harry Potter school uniform – both of which are relatively easy to make for intermediate sewing enthusiasts and not impossible for beginners.

Sewing A Hogwarts School Uniform

I will talk in detail about the process of making your own Hogwarts School Uniform in my blog post. While mine is a Slytherin robe (the best house and completely underrated), the sewing pattern and advice works for all houses. So wherever your allegiance lies, your Hogwarts Uniform can be ready in time for the next theme party.

>> How to make a Hogwarts School Uniform <<

my bellatrix lestrange harry potter student cosplay
harry potter bellatrix lestrange cosplay

Bellatrix Lestrange Cosplay

When I eventually got into Harry Potter and finished the books, I also started watching the movies. I’ve always been a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter and I loved her portrayal of Bellatrix so much that I decided her Order of the Phoenix outfit was going to be my very first cosplay. Yes, you read that right. This very dress (although not the one pictured) was what got me into cosplay in the first place and that’s basically how I got into sewing back in 2009. By my standards today (2021), the dress was horrible, but since I still loved Helena’s interpretation of the character, I decided to make another version. It wasn’t just a lot of fun, but also a way for me to see how my skills had grown over the past 10 years. I’m still not anywhere near a professional level, but I learn new things with every project I take on the Bellatrix’s dress showed that practice really makes a difference.

Recreating Bella’s OotP Dress

In my blog post, you can find a detailed description of how I made an affordable, doable version of Bellatrix’s Order of the Phoenix dress that doesn’t break the bank and can be realised with intermediate sewing skills and a little patience. I will also talk about where to get her accessories.

>> How to make Bellatrix’s OotP Dress <<

harry potter bellatrix lestrange cosplay