Why another cosplay blog among the countless ones already on the internet?

Because I enjoy blogging and I’ve been told that sharing my sewing progress on Instagram has already helped others. I started taking a lot of progress pictures and I usually make notes on how I did a certain thing so I can still retrace my steps a few years later should I need to. I don’t see why I should keep it to myself when this blog gives me a fun project to work on and share my hobby.

What do you gain from it?

Nothing, really, apart from the occasional nice message. Cosplay is my hobby and I love sharing it with others. I don’t lose anything, either, because I’m already paying for the webspace for websites I actually need and there is enough space left to spend on my hobbies. Besides, as a designer of digital and print media, I do enjoy working on a web project so I don’t get rusty with the technical side of my job.

Can I contact you with questions?

Certainly, just use the contact form over here and I will get back to you.

What sewing machines do you use?

I used to work with an old Privileg one that I got back in 2009, but when that gave out, I got two wonderful Singer machines for my birthday in 2019. One is the Singer Curvy 8763 (I call her Carmen) which comes with some beautiful decorative stitch settings and a buttonhole setting. This machine is a little temperamental and selective when it comes to yarn, but since I got to know it a little better, it’s been a joy to use. I also work with a Singer Ultralock (named Hedwig). I don’t usually name my appliances, but in this case, I seem to have done that ๐Ÿ˜€

Where do you buy your fabric?

Since I live in Germany, I’ve mostly used Germany-based websites to buy my fabric. I live in a rural area, so there aren’t any shops where I could actually go and buy my materials and I have to rely on fabric samples and product photos. I used to buy most things at Stoffe.de, but their selection keeps shrinking and their delivery keeps keep getting longer. Also, they often don’t stock as much of a fabric as I need, so Buttinette is another place to go. Yesfabrics is a place I recently discovered which is very affordable and offers fast shipping and has a beautiful selection. Of course, there is also Amazon, where I bought the fur for Yennefer’s coat, but they are a little pricy when it comes to fabric. Etsy is also quite expensive, but it’s a great place to look for beautiful trims and applications. They sell fabrics, too.